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How can healthcare business benefit from custom software?


Is it for you?

Custom means “for you”

5 reasons why you should consider it

Step by step

Why us

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Healthcare industry is continuously evolving and with that, is a growing need for an innovative solution that provides accuracy and process automation. Also, customers drive the change – now there’s this need, the requirement to carry out all the processes fast and efficient while maintaining data security. These two facts point out straight to the custom software. But sure, off-the-shelf software may give you some of these features. Maybe it even works well for a while. But a custom software will provide you with everything that the ready-made one gives and more. Yes, it gets better. That thing, among others, is personalization.

So, why should you choose to outsource healthcare project and develop bespoke software? Is that necessary? In this article, I’ll talk about why you should invest in this kind of solution. What makes it so great and competitive in the market. I’ll also tell you about the process, and the role of testing, complying with individual requirements and security in digital product development.

Is it for you?

Before we start, I want you to ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What’s the core value of your business?
  2. Do you need any features and special functions in your digital product?
  3. Do you want to improve the user experience?

Now that you answered these, I think you already know what kind of software you want and need for your business. Sometimes, all it takes is an already-made solution that you can use immediately. And that’s okay. In some cases, this type of software is enough to fulfil the basic needs of your business. However, in today’s digital age, it’s hard to gain a competitive advantage.

So why use something already available for a vast audience when you can do better? Also, in the healthcare industry, the flow of data is increasing every day. That means the software has to be able to manage it. Conclusion? Make the software your priority, and it’ll pay you back in an efficient, automated and integral process.

Custom means “for you”

Bespoke software is about building solutions, specifically for your business’ needs. This is the main perk of developing custom software. Everything in there is adjusted to your requirements and your system. And since this solution can be applied to support your internal processes, it’s often used during digital transformation as it facilitates the procedure and brings many benefits with it.

5 reasons why you should consider it


With custom software, you’re able to focus on the features that are most needed. In this way, the designed solution will fix the business problems, and you won’t have to bear costs for redundant functionalities. It’s up to you what’s in the app. 

Data security

Why is data security important here? Because in the healthcare industry, huge amount of sensitive data is involved. Hence, there’s higher risk of data breach. To avoid that, you should enforce a solid data security strategy. So what’s the advantage of custom solutions over ready-made ones?

Custom software is more secure against external threats. First of all, it undergoes testing and quality assurance during the development stage. And second of all, healthcare projects have to be compliant with several regulations.

There are rules depending on the country, range of activity or the use of data. Thanks to complying with them, the team builds a digital product designed to keep the patients’ information secure and confidential. The same goes for the intellectual property rights that belong only to you. This also gives extra protection of intellectual property. 

Learn how to take care about software quality from the article by Dominik Guzy, our CIO and Senior Software Developer.


Your team can easily take care of the digital product because they know it from scratch. This gives you a guarantee that if anything happens, you can always turn to them. You can expand the functionality with less effort since you already have a ready-to-deploy solution.

Simplify operations & processes

Since it’s software designed for your needs, it’s also integrated into your workflow. By conducting tests, the team makes sure that it’ll fit your business and its target audience. In this way, there will be fewer misunderstandings. Thanks to adapting the product, you get easy access to information and have help with managing data. 


Again, your software should be one of your assets. And since it’s developed exclusively to fit your needs, you can focus on the product’s core value. Thanks to this, you’ll be one step ahead in the market as your app will bring value to users. Also, there are more and more cases of embedding AI technologies in the products to automate and improve the process. This procedure will enhance the quality of the product even more.

Developing bespoke solutions has many advantages. Part of them was described in the previous article about custom software. They included benefits like personalization, maintenance, integrity. Even though they’re still very present in this case, let’s take a look from the point of healthcare projects. 

Read about Computer Vision and our experience with this subset of AI and machine learning and learn more about it.

Step by step

The custom software development process is an experience like no other. You and your team work together on the product. All the stages are incredibly vital to its success. We validate your idea, do competitor and market analysis to ensure that your product will stand out from the rest during the research. There’s also a workshop – here, you meet your team and together work out every aspect of the digital product. With various creative methods, you get to know the idea even better and refine it. Later on, with wireframes and prototype, you can see how the product will look like. Thanks to internal and external tests, the product is more intuitive and user-friendly.

As you can see, there are many phases of the process. However, each one of them helps to improve the digital product and makes it more secure.

Why us

We help entrepreneurs who want their companies to take advantage of technology and gain competitive advantages in the market. Our cooperation with various clients lets us continuously improve our process while still adapting it to our clients’ work. Moreover, we test created solutions to best suit users’ needs and reduce the number of changes at the end of the development. 

We worked in several industries and types of projects involving AI and machine learning. Also, we have experience developing HIPAA and GDPR-compliant digital products, so you don’t have to worry about your product’s safety.

We make sure that everything is done during every stage of digital product development, even the things you don’t think about. As we’re carrying out the necessary steps, we inform you about it so that you know exactly what we do and why. Thanks to this, you know what you pay for and how different activities influenced digital product development. Thus, we can help you with the outsourcing process and create custom healthcare software to make a difference in your business.

Let’s meet

Building bespoke solutions is a long-term investment and a process, but it’s worth the wait. As technology is now part of our life, we should use it the best way we can.

Now it’s your time to take part in the process. Book a meeting with me or send us a message. Together, let’s build software that will help improve daunting processes and provide an excellent user experience. 

Editor’s note: We’ve originally published this post in March 2021 and updated it for comprehensiveness.

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