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Why is well-secured application so important?

The problem of software security has never been more present. As the level of exposure to your business increases dramatically, thousands of companies are under cyber-attack every day. That is why, at Gorrion, we place a strong emphasis on secure coding.

Protect your company’s image

SQL Injection, XXE, security misconfiguration and many more threats listed on OWASP Top 10 Web Vulnerabilities may cause a data breach, leakage of a user account and can harm a company’s reputation. A simple cyber attack may change a firm’s reputation. The same goes for customers who may stop using company services. Why cooperate with a company whose reputation is at stake? Thus, a well-respected business can turn into a company on the verge of bankruptcy.

Obligation to clients and customers

That is why security has become one of the primary objective of Gorrion that we now place a strong focus on during all the phases of the software development lifecycle. As secure coding is now a top priority while creating an app, we must protect user data. Therefore, we run security checks on every step of product development. This approach in creating an app helps us prevent any future leakage or damage to a given product.

Gorrion’s procedures

The whole process of secure application development starts with educating our team on the basic principles of secure coding. Then, we move on to the mechanisms that automatically check whether the application is safe to use. Next, our experts conduct a security review, which double-checks the software on all potential vulnerabilities. What’s interesting is that this procedure, though necessary to reduce the risk to a minimum, is not always adopted in the industry. The last step of secure coding is informing our client of all the safety measures we have taken. We care about the client, the software we build and the transparency of our work. To prove that, we let our clients do a security audit in a company that deals exclusively with cybersecurity.

All the benefits

By employing such an approach, the client is confident that the created system is well-secured, which, in turn, provides the stability of the product. All these measures aim to mitigate costs due to data breach or data leakage. But those are not the only advantages that the client can gain from hiring a software company that cares for secure development. There is also the aspect of the client’s reputation which won’t be at risk. The business may even acquire a better status in the industry because of it.

We are a software development company that cares about application safety. And even though it may seem like a lot of work, it’s nothing compared to the outcome of a successful product that is also well-secured.


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