Education Software Development

Use technology to turn education into engaging online learning. We create eLearning solutions using games, podcasts, eBooks so that they best suit the users. Get in touch with experienced experts and change your idea into a working solution!

This is what will make your product a successful one

How to make the eLearning product work efficiently and encourage the users to use it? In other words - what to do to make your idea work? We have several ways to do this, and here you can find some of them:

Detailed research

We thoroughly research our clients' business situation to create a product that meets their needs. It sounds simple but think about analysing your own needs, researching the competition, and building user personas to make the product work. Complicated? We're here to help!

UX/UI Design

Do you know that how an application is designed affects user behaviour? How many times have you given up using an app just because you couldn't find a feature you needed? The poor layout or too many screens to go through can prevent users from liking the product. Use the experience of our UX/UI designers who know how to create an application that is easy to use and good-looking at the same time.

Usability Testing

Even the best idea can be wrong if it is not adapted to the users. How to deal with this? The designers' work is complemented by usability tests. We conduct them at various stages of product development, thanks to which we know if the solutions used will work as needed.


Are you planning to significantly expand the user group? Tell us about it. Knowing that you want to scale your business in the future, we will design the product so that it can be easily expanded.


Your eLearning software may consist of many functionalities. Depending on what your business needs, we will select solutions that best support your goals. You can expect:

convenient payment methods in the application

engaging materials such as games, podcasts and e-books

design that will encourage the use of the product

all the necessary panels

statistics of learning outcomes

the security of the stored data

product ready for scaling

Our experience

Savvy Quest

We have built a complete educational platform that allows children to learn English in a fun way. As a result, they achieve better academic results, and their parents are satisfied with the services provided by the schools that use the product.

4 experts working on the product

12,000+ children successfully learning English within the app

400+ schools using the platform


Elżbieta Berka

Manager, Edu Bears

"The finished apps are used by 12,000 children and 3,000 teachers, with updates and maintenance continuing to be..."

Our experience


The project includes CRM that allows our client to manage schools and trainers participating in the courses. We have also made a web platform that makes it possible to conduct online tests.

4 experts working on the product

1,300+ trainers took part in online courses

90+ schools using the system


Katarzyna Pokój

Administration Manager, SITS

"They focused not only on the technical aspects of the project but also on bringing us real value. They made us know..."