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Blockchain – a solution for your business?

Mateusz Chwedczuk | Business

In the past few years, there’s been growing interest in blockchain, a record-keeping technology that made much fuss in the IT industry. Some say many issues need improvement, while others immediately adopted it in their businesses. But one thing is...

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Try user stories to create a better user experience (UX)

Małgorzata Sobczyk | Business

Imagine an entrepreneur with an idea for an application. After finding a software vendor and telling them what should it be, the journey of software development has begun. No research, no product discovery workshops. Nothing. Is it the right approach?

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How to deal with project risk management in software development

Dawid Kochalski | Business

Every digital product, no matter the industry, always carries some risk. That’s why, when defining the scope of the software development process, you have to think about the project’s objectives, user’s needs and challenges that may potentially arise. What can...