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The Future of Bioelectronics

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The goal

The aim was to introduce on the market bioelectrical devices that help treat horses for various injuries. We had to build a mobile application that could control those external devices and show animals' treatment results.

First times

Rick, our client, has already been working with such devices on his own when he decided to turn it into a business. That's how the idea was born. This was the first time Rick decided to create a digital product for remote control of a device. After analyzing the market, the idea and making a joint decision about what and how we will create, we started to build an application from scratch.

The beginning of the long relationship

Initially, the whole app was offline, and it was all about simple on/off option in the treatment section. When we finished the first version, it was time to update the app and provide it with new features. We had a brainstorming session during which we came up with additional functionalities that were successfully implemented and brought value to the app. These are:

  • user accounts

  • tracing ongoing treatments

  • adding treatments as a favourite

  • shopping accessories

  • detailed horse statistics

Everyone likes numbers:

  • 79 692

    lines of code in the mobile app

  • 4

    Up to 4 devices can work simultaneously.

  • 3

    treatment programs designed for different outcomes.


Controlling the device and working on it was quite a challenge to our team. As EquiPod was manufactured and imported from China, it had to be shipped each time we needed an update. The pandemic also slowed down the process due to delays in shipments.

The process couldn't be delayed, so we decided to go around and take care of device software upgrade issues. We did part of manufacturer job, updated the firmware and tested it. In this way, there was no need to ship EquiPod device back to its producer.

Client’s thoughts

„Their appetite to meet our intended design outcome for the product is impressive. Other developers haven’t had the same positive attitude. They always say: If we’re not sure, we’re sure we can find a way.”

Client's avatar

Rick Rowan

CEO & Founder, NuroKor BioElectronics