We create custom healthcare software, taking care of its usability and complying with common regulatory standards. Benefit from our experience in medical imaging analysis, machine learning and expert systems.

  • 10+

    years on the market

  • 40+

    Gorrions working on clients success

  • 200+

    projects delivered

We provide:

Software consultancy & audit

Business research

UX/UI design and prototyping

MVP development

Software design and development

Full product lifecycle support


Software consultancy & audit

It allows computers to understand visual content so that we can create systems for automatic image analysis.

Expert Systems

Our developers use the knowledge of specialists in a given field to create a set of rules, thanks to which the system can solve complicated problems.

Machine Learning

These systems use enormous amounts of data to improve software performance without having to write additional code.


Charles Macfarlane

Business Development Specialist, Sentience Software

"I've done a lot of remote working before with companies from all over the world. With Gorrion I did not find it to be a..."

Kijafa Crumble

Founder FitnessProLive

"We designed this app by communicating over phone and email, which made it more challenging. But because of their..."

Why Gorrion?

We place great emphasis on ease of contact. Our clients always know what and when to expect.

We help to create products that bring the highest value. We select the best technologies for a given project and advise how to scale the business.

We have specialists in biomedical engineering, thanks to which we can understand and develop our products better.

We make sure that our digital products are secure because we know how important it is for our clients' businesses.

We test all of our designs. Thanks to this, our applications are maximally adapted to the users' needs.

Here are some samples of our work

Flex Alert case study
Flex Alert case study

Flex Alert



Deep Sync Labs case study
Deep Sync Labs case study

Deep Sync Labs



Bioledger case study
Bioledger case study





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