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Why is digital transformation the future?

At an ever-growing pace of the digital world, it’s hard not to notice that the technology continues to emerge and change business for good. To keep up with it, companies decide to go digital to blend in a modern business model. By doing so, they become more accessible to clients with their products and services. But how to digitalise a business successfully, and what is the result?

Reshaping customer experience

In the era of constant struggle with competitors, some entrepreneurs still do not benefit from technological improvements. They use outdated systems, obsolete methods of company management and old-fashioned techniques of business promotion. Lack of adaptability to the new form of business results in losing customers and with that, a company’s income and reputation. 

Nowadays, with an increased level of customer experience, modern clients may make use of the services whenever they want and in a preferred way. Their expectations, no matter how high, shape today’s economy. Because of that, companies decide to promote their services and products via communication channel tailored to their business goal. In this way, businesses can gather all kinds of data that help them to better cater to the client’s needs. 

The reasons behind digitalised business

There are many reasons why companies decide to adopt such a complex procedure. But the main and most apparent is, to stay successful in their industry. As business was an area strongly penetrated by technologies, a media revolution was inevitable. This change resulted in making social media, which is now an integral part of market communication for many companies. And now it’s time for companies to reshape and enter the digital world. 

Many of them already actively use technology in running their businesses. We have basic ones such as:

  • online health and prescription services,
  • food delivery,
  • brands, like those in fashion or beauty industry, existing only online but with a strong community of customers,
  • online stores which use machine learning algorithms to suggest their customers’ personalised products based on the client’s activity on the page,
  • SaaS companies that scale by using new technologies just like N3XT platform

Moreover, one of the benefits of changing the way of communication is easy access to information and data that concern your company. Modern analytical tools allow to examine almost every element. By processing them and drawing conclusions, you can better manage your business.

The next advantage of digital transformation is that it will affect company’s performance. Thanks to the ordered structure of processes and data related to it, you can design solutions that will improve your business’ operations.

Another perk is that it will allow you to set your priorities better. Thanks to the information collected by your business software, you will know in which direction you should move on to next.

The key to success

Transformations are always hard, but the digital ones are even more complex. That is why, though there is an option to do it by yourself, one of the ways to effectively implement digital transformation of a business is hiring a software company. In this way, the whole process gets a lot easier because hiring the right team of specialists is the best thing you can do to revolutionalise your business. 

Choose the right team

You can choose between software companies from all around the world and pick the one that is just right for you. A company with good work culture and a strategy tailored for your business. What is it like to collaborate with Gorrion? Let’s find out.

Working with Gorrion

In the initial phase of the development, our team gives our client a brief. It’s the document about the client, his idea, the product goal and awaiting challenges. We continually refine and update our brief, as it lets us better understand the extent of work and our customer’s business. Thanks to this stage, the consecutive ones move through smoothly.

Next, it’s the workshop day. Our team and the clients meet to talk about different ideas for the product and discuss their pros and cons. Consequently, everybody can contribute to the creation of the app.

Then, it’s time for our designers to create innovative software that is also user-friendly. After this step, we provide the clients with interactive wireframes. Our developers and the product owner made sure that the application is well-secured and meets the expectations of the end-users. Thanks to the work of our team, the clients will receive a digital product that will contribute to the success of their company. 

Additionally, to make sure that we developed the right software, we conduct in-house tests or work with testers outside our company.

Digital transformation changed how companies work, rewrote business models and set a new level of relationship with customers. By choosing the right software company, the process goes smoothly, which improves communication and the level of service.

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