Usability Testing

What is the best way to check if a product is user-friendly? Well, this page is about tests, so you can probably guess what we mean. Testing a digital product is one of the best ways to match it with users' expectations. It also allows us to deliver faster and with the use of fewer resources.

What are the benefits?

Product/market fit adapted to the market needs

Fixed minor bugs

Faster development

Smaller budget needed

Improved user experience

User satisfaction

Business reputation

Types of tests

Automation Testing

E2E tests

We use them to check each path that is important to end-users precisely in a way they see those paths. This way, we test the most critical functions such as logging in, payments, adding an event to the calendar, anything that is usually a user’s path in the product.

Unit tests

They let us check the performance of a given piece of code itself, in isolation from the rest of the application.

Integration tests

Using them, we can examine whether individual elements of the application work properly together. For example, we can find out if logging in works correctly with a service that verifies user data in a database.

Security Testing

We have prepared a list of crucial parts in applications that we need to test. It contains login systems, payments, communication with external services and more. A developer's mistakes in features create holes that can be exploited by someone. That is why we havea security review team. It is their job to check the code, look for vulnerabilities, and try to use them.

End-user Testing

User tests allow us to check whether the application is intuitive, whether it is easy to navigate and find specific functionalities. It is essential that in this way, we check whether the product we create meets the needs of users, which of its functionalities they like the most, and which in their opinion are not so important.

Thanks to this, we save a lot of time and the client's budget by creating a product that meets the needs of the target group from the very beginning.

Load Testing

It is an imitation of increased traffic in a web application. What would happen if a large number of users wanted to use the application? Or what would happen if someone wanted to launch a DOS (denial of service) attack?

Each time we recommend servers tailored to the needs and budget of our clients so that their product will work as expected.


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