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_What is an MVP?_What do you need to know?_What is cool about MVP?_Does MVP mean inferior quality?_Is it worth it?

What is MVP (Minimum Viable Product)?

Have you ever wondered if there is a possibility to test your ideas for the digital product in real life? To attempt it or to check if it works? Especially with real users? In this article, we come with an answer. Spoiler alert: yes, there is.

 Let us give you a quick introduction to the topic.

What is an MVP?

Let’s start from the beginning. It stands for Minimum Viable Product which means a product minimal-ready for launching. From this, it follows that MVP is a software that contains only basic functions which are used to check the expectations of early adopters.

We can even say that MVP is some kind of test. Because at the early stage of launching the digital product – one of the most important purposes of MVP is to gather information and feedback from the target audience.

What do you need to know?

As part of the article, we have prepared a short questionnaire that is connected to the idea of MVP. There are several questions which are related to the usefulness of the product.

Going through this list will allow you to make a reasonable selection of functionalities and will let you get better results. It will also solve marketing-related issues like choosing a target group. Thanks to this you will be sure that the assumptions made are correct.

  1. What is the problem you are solving?
    To start with, you need to think about what problem you want to solve. You need to consider and determine this carefully, because your problem may not be “big enough”.
  2. Who is your customer?
    You need to explore the real needs of the group you want to reach with your product. Get to know them. Imagine them. Create their persona. There are many ways to do it.
  3. What are the benefits of using your product?
    Find out and determine what benefits your customers expect to achieve using your product.
  4. Is this feature necessary?
    Think about that the feature you proposed will answer the question of usability. Is it so important that it must be implemented at the very beginning of the project? Then calculate and find out if the proposed function is necessary.
  5. Does this feature achieve your goal?
    Don’t waste resources on unnecessary functions. After the release of the first version, you can plan further application development and successively add new functionalities.

What is cool about MVP?

Some companies offer to create the entire product immediately. They are skipping an MVP stage – ignoring the proven methodology Lean Startup, which derived from the Silicon Valley. Regardless of whether the app functionalities will be useful or not. At Gorrion, we treat our customer’s money, time and resources seriously. That is why we decided to give up the option of full product development at the beginning of the software development process in favour of creating an MVP.

With the use of the MVP, you can check if your ideas make sense at all and bring them to life at a relatively low cost. But the real advantage is that you are constantly working on the “living organism” which is your new product. This is undeniably the most important aspect because you can analyze your users on an ongoing basis and after that, as your user base grows – gradually increase the functionality of your product. Now all of these decisions are justified by research.

Does MVP mean inferior quality?

You may have these fears in your mind, but you shouldn’t. It only means minimal effort and the minimum amount of money put in to see if it is a good idea. Remember that it must be a product that meets the needs of the first users, so it can’t be incomplete in some way or unattractive. The MVP is confirmed by research and adapted to the needs of early adopters.

Is it worth it?

MVP is a much cheaper solution than designing an extensive project with many functionalities. It allows not only reduce the risk but also to save funds that could be spent on useless functions.

At Gorrion, we pay attention to respect our client’s time and money and that is why we recommend building MVP first. If you want to know more – just contact us.

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