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Gorrion Unplugged – Use the potential of Node.js with Nest


During the first Gorrion Unplugged meetup, Kamil Myśliwiec showed us similarities between Nest and Angular conventions. Thanks to live programming, we saw how Nest mechanisms can be used.

Last week, during the first Gorrion Meeting House meeting, Kamil Myśliwiec told us about Nest, a framework for the Node.js platform using TypeScript and mechanisms from Angular to create efficient and scalable applications.

What we did not expect

We couldn’t wait for his presentation, organizing everything that could be useful. We have prepared Gorrion’s pens, cosmic notebooks (who did not take it, will have the opportunity to do it during the next meeting), projector, cables, donuts… Donuts turned out to be the last element that we organized before the part of our building ran out of electricity.
We still had power in part of the building, so we could use extension cords. 3 hours before the meeting, the light went out in the whole building.
There couldn’t and didn’t want to cancel the event, but the power failure would take several hours. We began to wonder how to power the most important devices. Do you know how hard it is to borrow a power generator in a short period of time? We already know. If any of you provide such services, please give us your business card.

In the dark

We wondered if the neighbours will help us in this difficult moment. They agreed, so Piotrek and Łukasz led the cable from the balcony on the third floor, through the whole yard to the second building to power the projector and laptop.
At the same time Mateusz organized glow sticks, Ola went with me to search for anything that shines without the use of electricity. We found Christmas tree lights on batteries (a miracle after the holiday season!) and glowing in the dark spray. The electricity led from another building worked, however Mateusz arranged the generator to have the second source of power. Gorrions that stayed in the company, took care of the floor preparation so that your experience in these difficult conditions would be the best from the first step.
In all the confusion, we knew that the meeting must be a success. Everyone cooperated with each other by organizing power, searching for the most important thing and preparing rooms.
The presentation began at 18:10. About 20 minutes later the light turned on, but we no longer needed electricity. We listened to Kamil in the light of Christmas lights and with donuts in our hands.
Gorrion Unplugged - Use the potential of Node.js with Nest

What about Nest?

During the presentation, we learned that Nest was built on the basis of Express, so it is simpler to use for people who know Angular. Google, Netflix and Auth0 employees became interested in this tool and started to share the information about Nest. Thanks to that new people are constantly finding out about this framework.
Kamil showed us the similarities between the Nest and Angular conventions. During live programming, we saw how Nest mechanisms can be used. At the end of the presentation, Kamil answered asked questions.
If you’re interested, we will share the presentation in February.

What is next?

We hope that all our guests liked the first Gorrion Meeting House, whose name we change to Gorrion Unplugged. We are very proud of it and start to organize the next one. Also without electricity.
See you next time!