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How to stay active at work?

Care about your health. Working (even as a programmer) does not mean spending 8 hours behind desk with no time to move or rest. Sometimes you may even think that it doesn’t concern you. You are young, feeling good and do not even realize that you hurt yourself. When your back starts to hurt, when you feel sleepy or have headaches, it’s time to change the way you work.

Be careful!

Now you know that sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health. It causes obesity, blood flow disorders or varicose veins, but you should also watch out for lumbar spine damage. It is is the most exposed to overloading, when you sit hunched over. While sitting, the pressure of about 150 kg is exerted on the lower part of the spine. It may cause discopathy or disk crack in future. I know you don’t want to have all this diseases.

So what should you do now, when you know all these things?

Make your body always warmed-up

Set hourly alarms and after each hour stand up from your desk and go for a walk. You may speak with other workmates, do the coffee or drink glass of water.

And that’s all?

At the beginning, yes. When you decide you want to do more, try some exercises:

  • Head stretching and turning
  • Close and far looking, moving up, down, left and right
  • Wrist stretching
  • Back stretching and arching
  • Leg stretching
  • Squats, push-ups, jumping jacks
  • Yoga is also a good idea

Not only physical advantages

Try to keep your physicality and mentality in shape. It will help you improve your concentration during work. Keep your mind fresh by drinking water and eating regularly. Try to close your eyes and breath deeply for a while to calm down yourself. And remember – sleeping well before work is the best way to make your body and mind ready for every task.

How we do it at Gorrion?

Gorrion takes care about people’s condition – physical and mental. On Tuesday and Friday you can stretch your body and keep fresh mind at yoga classes (Balasana is the best exercise to relax your tired body). To de-stress yourself, you can play table tenis or lie on the sunbed after dinner (you can take a short nap or just rest and enjoy sunlight). After work it’s time to play football or other sports together. You can always get some fresh water, tea or coffee in our kitchen. Last, but not least, our daily breaks for eating dinner together are like nokia – connecting people.

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