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We always look
for the best solutions

We always look for the best solutions
at every stage of the development

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1. Firstly, you will get business requirements analysis and software architecture design.
2. The next step includes estimation of time, costs and the best approach recommendation.
3. In this step, your UI’s will be prepared by our design team.
4. After that, we will develop, test and maintain the app with the use of agile methodologies.

Rapid prototyping and POC

1. We love new challenges and creating uncommon functionalities.
Tell us about your idea!
2. After your contact we will talk about your requirements and give you cost and time estimation.
3. Third step includes our developing.
4. In just few days from initial contact we will give you a ready to play with PoC or even MVP version of the app.

Code audit and maintenance

1. Our over 10 year experience makes us able to provide professional software audit services.
2. Our experts analyze many aspects of your existing project such as code quality, maintainability, performance, security and costs.
3. In the next step, our legacy code team will maintain and develop it.
4. All of the work is done in agile methodology.

Intro day

1. You are always welcome to visit us at our office.
2. We will organize a whole-day workshop featuring your project ideas.
3. You will be able to meet our team and talk the requirements.
4. We will give you an offer with time and cost estimation, specification, visualizations and recommended solutions.


+48 884 880 380
Gliwice, 44-100
ul. Okopowa 2a
Kemp House
London, EC1V 2NX
152 - 160 City Road
United Kingdom