Custom eCommerce Development

Choose an experienced team and sell more with custom eCommerce solutions.

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Online Stores

Let yourself be found. Build your online store or refresh the one you already have to meet users' expectations and become their favourite seller.


Mobile stores are becoming more and more liked by users. Adapt your online store to this trend, or create an entirely new application.

eCommerce Platforms

Get new users by providing them with an intuitive sales platform.

We provide:

Multiple payment methods

Inventory management

Product information management

Integrations with analytical, CRM and reporting systems



Hacker attacks, also on online stores, are becoming more and more frequent. Protect customers' data and your reputation by ensuring safety from the very beginning of development.


Regardless of whether you decide on an extensive project or classic simplicity, we will conduct UX research and usability tests to make your store intuitive and easy to use.

Market advantage

You know what should make your product stand out from the competition? Well, don't worry, we'll help you with that. Thanks to detailed discussions and analyzes, we'll offer you a competitive advantage to help achieve your business goals.

What are the costs?

A lot depends on your expectations regarding the appearance, the number of functionalities, and other product's elements. Book a free consultation with Mariusz, who will be able to prepare an estimate for you.

Our eCommerce experience


TakeDrop is an e-commerce platform that allows users to create their own stores. It provides a database of about 70 wholesalers, one of which is AliExpress. The user can set up a shop with his own products or use goods from a warehouse. The system also has an integration with various additional services and allows to build store home page or product subpages using the drag & drop function.


Tomasz Niedźwiecki

Founder, TakeDrop

"Gorrion has continued to excel in the service they provide, two years after their initial engagement. Their team is..."