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Start your digital product development the best way with the project workshop. Avoid unnecessary costs and get a product that will become a success on the market.

Consider our workshop,
if you want:

to improve the work on a digital product

to best match the scope of work to your budget

to know that what you will get is tailored to the needs of the market and your business

the development plan to take into account your deadline

to understand the process of creating your product well

to make sure we know exactly what you need and what you want

Project workshop

The project workshop is a crucial element of the process that influences the whole product development. Thanks to it, we can find out who the future users of the application are, what expectations they have, what similar products already exist, and what is essential for the client's business. Want to know more? Read our article about the workshop.

What are the benefits?

we ask a lot of questions, thanks to which we understand what you want and need to do

we thoroughly analyze your requirements and the needs of the target group before the workshop

we discuss, check, and compare all of the ideas

we have done this many times before, we have experience and a transparent process

we prepare wireframes, user stories, a road map and an estimate

you will gain investor's trust thanks to a clear work plan

after the workshop, you will get a product book with all the necessary information

Project workshop

We conduct a workshop meeting to adjust the process to each client at the very beginning of cooperation. Thanks to it, we shorten the time needed for development and tests, because we already have a large part of the information on the target group. We assess which functionalities are the most important for the proper application work, and which support them. Thanks to this, we can first create its core, thus adapting to the client's budget and deadline.

Make an appointment with Mariusz to talk about how you can benefit from the workshop.


"I've done a lot of remote working before with companies from all over the world. With Gorrion I did not find it to be a problem and I guess it's probably one of the best examples I had of remote working."

Charles Macfarlane

Business Development Specialist, Sentience Software

"We designed this app by communicating over phone and email, which made it more challenging. But because of their excellent customer service skills, it was made very easy."

Kijafa Crumble

Founder FitnessProLive