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Product Design

Let's get to know your business and idea deeply to create a great digital product.

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What do we do?

Product design is a phase in which we thoroughly research the market where the product is to appear, client’s business situation and the idea itself.

Business Research

It means analyzing all the elements that influence the project success. Thanks to the competition analysis, we learn what similar products already exist, and what we need to do to stand out. Getting to know client’s business situation allows us to design a product that will adapt to their resources.

Rapid Prototyping

It is an iterative process that allows us to create and test a basic digital product version quickly. The team goes from developing the prototype, collecting and analyzing users' feedback, to making improvements. The process allows working effectively on the product when the client has a very close deadline.

Design Sprint

Design Sprint helps solve complex problems in a short time. We deeply analyze the selected issue, generate ideas and solutions, create a prototype, and finally test it. Thanks to this, we receive users’ feedback at an early stage of work, and we can better adapt it to their requirements.

Proof of Concept

The part of the product prepare to check the idea is called the Proof of Concept. By creating a fraction of the entire project, we can check whether the idea has a chance to appear on the market.


We pay a lot of attention to internal consultations, joint development and testing on real users. All this to make the finished product pleasant to use and convenient for further development and scaling. It works!

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What do you gain?

excellent knowledge of users' needs

matching the product to business goals

adjusting the work to the budget and deadline

transparency of the process

Product Book with the most important information

finding a competitive advantage

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