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Custom Healthcare Software Development

We’ll help you create custom healthcare software, taking care of its usability and complying with common regulatory standards.

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    years on the market

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Our services

  • Software consultancy & audit

  • UX and prototyping

  • Software design and development

  • Full product lifecycle support

  • Software innovation & research

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  • Computer Vision

    It allows computers to understand visual content so that we can create systems for automatic image analysis.

  • Expert Systems

    Our developers use the knowledge of specialists in a given field to create a set of rules, thanks to which the system can solve complicated problems.

  • Machine Learning

    These systems use enormous amounts of data to improve software performance without having to write additional code.

Why Gorrion?

  • We place great emphasis on ease of contact. Our clients always know what and when to expect.

  • We help to create products that bring the highest value. We select the best technologies for a given project and advise how to scale the business.

  • We have specialists in biomedical engineering, thanks to which we can understand and develop our products better.

  • We make sure that our digital products are secure because we know how important it is for our clients’ businesses.

  • We test all of our designs. Thanks to this, our applications are maximally adapted to the users’ needs.

Do you want to know how will we take care of your product?


Some of our projects

Natural Reminders

Project type: Android & iOS App and Web Platform

Natural Reminders is a task manager that simulates the way a human brain works. It lets the user know about tasks that need to be done, in random moments in a given time. We've also developed a web platform that allows checking and analyzing results.

“As a result of their service, our end result was much better.”

Charles Macfarlane

See the project

Fitness Pro Live

Project type: Android & iOS App

FitnessProLive helps fitness professionals and people that need them to find each other. The app lets people from all over the world to train together no matter what time zone they are in. FitnessProLive allows to practice together during video calls using a built-in camera and messenger.

„They made me feel important, and also gave me confidence that I had a great product.”

Kijafa Crumble

See the project


Project type: Web Platform

We turned our client’s software into an expert system. We have gradually added algorithms for automatic image analysis for subsequent phantoms so that medical specialists do not have to do this work manually. At the same time, we built a new web version of the platform, Pro-Control Online, which previously was only available for Windows.

„They meet all the criteria for an effective partner, reliably providing quality work and expertise. [..] They meet deadlines and communicate regularly. They are honest and provide fair agreements, leading to a positive work experience.”

Dementia Test

We’ve also designed and developed an online test that allows checking if the user’s symptoms may be a sign of dementia, and by that if the NR application can really help in their situation.

The user needs a second person to perform the test, which consists of over twenty questions that are designed to assess the user’s condition.

See the test
Dementia website illustration


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