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A whole new level of slow-motion

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React Native


Project’s overview

Slowify is an application that turns ordinary videos into slow-motion videos that are 2 to even 8 times slower than the original recordings.

Common challenge

Our client wanted to solve the problem that appeared when he recorded a video, which he later wanted to have in slow motion. Solutions available on the market do not ensure smooth film and often cause a loss of quality.


Unique solution

What's so special about it compared to the other apps on the market? Slowify stands out because it is the only one that uses artificial intelligence to produce missing frames instead of using simple interpolation. Thanks to this, we can achieve better video quality.

How do other apps work?

Applications available on the market create slow motion, showing each frame of the film longer. If the user wants to make the video two times slower, the app displays each frame two times longer. This solution makes the movies are not smooth.

Core values

  • We created PoC to check if the implemented functionality will work as expected.

  • We used advanced machine learning algorithms developed by Nvidia. We needed a few weeks of artificial network training, but the results are outstanding.

  • The solutions we used immediately gave our client an advantage over the competition.

How does Slowify work?

Slowify uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to examine how pictures between the existing frames would look like, draws additional pictures and creates new frames. If the user wants to make the video two times slower, Slowify creates 20 extra frames between each pair of existing pictures.


Kijafa Crumble

Founder, Slowify

"My goals were their priority. They made me feel important, and also gave me confidence that I had a great product."