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Natural Reminders

An application that works like the human brain

Project type:

Web App

Android App

iOS App




Our goal

The idea was to help people that are stressed, busy, have medical memory issues or experience the natural effects of getting older. We had to combine psychology and technology to create an efficient solution that would support natural memory function.

How does it work?

We developed an application that simulates how a human brain works by letting the user know that he has something to do in random moments in a given time. Our specialists proposed redesigning the UI/UX of the previous app version so it became more intuitive and attractive for users. We've also created the My Memory web platform that allows users to check and analyze their results.

Dementia test

We have also prepared an online test that allows users to check their memory. Thanks to it, users can find out if their memory is all right or if it is worth contacting a doctor.


Charles Macfarlane

Business Development Specialist, Sentience Software

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