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What does work with Gorrion look like?

Today’s work with the client has become more demanding than it was before. Processes and technologies have changed and because of that, many areas of life have changed as well. It all means that the game rules have evolved and we need to adapt our approach.

It starts with redefining the collaboration

At Gorrion, we pay attention to customer service. We know that the best projects are created thanks to detailed customer’s needs research. Through years of work, we developed our own brief document. It allows creating an image of our potential digital product together with the client – before the project even starts. We believe that thanks to this method, our clients better understand what we create for them. Of course, it improves our communication but not only this. That’s the way to build a special type of business connection, which allows us to build trust, make our clients sure that we always look for the best solutions, and develop products that meet their business needs.

Let’s do this together

We start with collecting information from our clients using our brief that can be filled out in two ways. The client may fill it himself, and that’s the way we highly recommend. Why? It ensures better accuracy at an early stage. In addition, it enables us to get more information about what our clients expect, what they already have, what they know about potential app users, and what we need to find out. We provide full assistance in creating digital products.

What’s next

If you choose to fill it out by yourself – it is time to consult all the collected information. We organise a workshop during which we talk about all client expectations and consider each information or idea individually to make sure that we understand each other. Everyone has the right to speak up and to confront their ideas with workshop attendees. Our brainstorming is useful because we always want our clients to take part in it. It allows us to understand what they exactly need and thanks to this, we can create a better solution.

Tailor-made product

Our developers, designers and product owners do their best on each step of the project. We use our specialists’ extensive experience and knowledge to create solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. We work in the Scrum methodology, which means that when one set of the functionalities of application is ready, we show the results. It is beneficial because we can receive feedback from our client and immediately use it to improve the digital product. Communication is our priority, so we are in constant contact and make sure that they know what we do.

Just test it

We respect our client’s time and budget. That is why we recommend creating the MVP first. What is the MVP? It stands for Minimum Viable Product. Building the MVP is one of the stages of the software development process that involves building userbase of the earliest application users, who are called early adopters.

In a nutshell, it is about creating a product which contains only core functions that are necessary to achieve the prime needs of the application users.

Minimum Viable Product can make your ideas alive and allows to examine if the digital product solved the user’s problem before it receives additional features. As a result, we create a solution, which is perfectly tailored to the market requirements and make sure that our client’s money is well used.

Book a meeting

We’re always ready to help you. No matter how complicated your project is – our team can bring your ideas to reality! We will guide you step by step. Contact us and tell us more about your idea!


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