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Online Marketing Congress 2017


What was prepared?

We were at Online Marketing Congress in Warsaw on 28 of September. 9 amazing people spoke about acquiring new customers on the internet.

Have you ever wondered how to make your marketing activities better?
If you are a marketer, you probably do it constantly.
At least, I wonder all the time and if there is an opportunity to gain some new knowledge or to meet someone who can teach me something new, I try to use it.
There was a big event in Warsaw recently – Online Marketing Congress9 amazing people known to Polish and foreign marketers prepared 8 presentations about acquiring new customers on the internet.
How to gain new customers and how to make them stay with your company? What to do when you have a limited budget? Why is content marketing so important? We were able to get answers to these and many other questions on 28 of September at Online Marketing Congress in Warsaw.

What was prepared?

Marcin Maj

Planning advertising campaigns for 2018 – Brands in the time of Trust Crisis, why disadvantages can be more effective than advantages.

Marcin Maj is an expert on persuasive marketing and the highest-rated speaker in Online mArketing Congress history. He showed an interesting presentation with many case studies. He pointed out how to prepare and optimize campaign costs and achieve better results in increasing sales at the same time. Marcin has also given us ready-to-use tools for small, medium and large, B2B and B2C companies.

Artur Maciorowski

Campaigns for companies with limited budget

The second presentation was about campaigns for companies with limited budget and it was presented by Artur Maciorowski, who specializes in gaining valuable sales leads. He told us how to divide advertising budget depending on product or service specificity and target audience. We have received ready-to-use solutions based on the experience of the best marketing campaigns.

Damian Skowron

How to protect yourself from falling sales after the introduction of new regulations that will take effect on May 25, 2018?

There was also a presentation about the protection of personal data. Damian Skowron pointed out how important it is to prepare properly.

Artur Jabłoński

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn step by step. How to effectively sell in social media to individual and business customers?

Artur Jabłoński led a presentation about sales in social media. His lecture was full of examples, advice and ways to increase the effectiveness of activities. All of this was told in an accessible way and ready to be used on our company social media profiles.
This presentation was rated as the best by Online Marketing Congress participants.

Krzysztof Wroński 

For small and medium companies – How to effectively attract customers from search engines and Google ads? „Live” workshop

During the fifth presentation, Krzysztof Wroński told us how to appear at the top of the Google search engine with our own actions that improve page visibility. He answered what to do when a page loses in search results, showed new methods of positioning and content marketing in practice and told how to track and interpret changes in Google algorithm. An interesting part of this lecture was live Google Analytics configuration.

Michał Szczepański

How to plan and run your own content marketing campaigns step by step from concept to implementation?

Michał led a presentation during which he told how to choose content marketing activities to engage and increase the sales of products or services and how to measure the campaign effectiveness. He also summed up what kind of content was most popular for users in 2016 and 2017, and in what context did the download take place.

Łukasz Kosuniak

Getting valuable leads step by step. How to find new customers similar to those who are already bought our product/service.

The next presentation included a description of the optimal purchase path and methods of increasing sales. Łukasz told us which elements affect sales, how to integrate an online shop with social media and email marketing and how to create the content for home and subpages to make it easy to navigate for users.

Krzysztof Podeszwa, Damian Kołodziej

How to attract new customers and make more from your online store and your website? Proven tips and recommendations for immediate use!

The last presentation gave us ready promotional plans and lead acquisition strategy. Speakers told about preparing a contact form that will encourage users to give you their data and how to target your content. We were also able to learn how to make better CTA (call to action) to improve it’s efficiency and leads number.