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Play like nobody’s listening at Gorrion Cover Day


What do you like to do?

Watching films or series, reading books with a cup of tea, swimming or programming? Maybe music is the love of your life?
If your answer is ‘yes’, you’re in the right hands. Gorrions are people that have many passions and playing instruments or singing are a part of them. After exceeding Gorrion’s gates, you can meet vocalists, bassists, guitarists, pianists, drummers and even an accordionist! It is a great potential to do something awesome. Just like the Gorrion Cover Day.Gorrion Cover Day
The proposal was simple; someone said that it would be great to have an opportunity to play together from time to time engaging as many Gorrion’s musicians as possible. This idea has grown up into a complete plan. Firstly, each of us proposed some song, then we chose the best ones, learned to play or sing them. We all were incredibly excited and helped each other in preparations.
When the day came, neither of us could focus on anything but what was going to happen in the evening. We have played such songs as “In the end”, “Lord of the boards”, “Like a stone”, “Little talks” or famous Polish ballad “Przez Twe oczy zielone”.
We all have been waiting for the Gorrion Cover Day, but no one expected that it will be as awesome as it was. Thank you all for taking part in this event and hope the next one will be even better.
Make great things with us, join the Gorrions!