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Use FeathersJS to build REST and API in no time

The vast number of JavaScript backend frameworks has been created during the burst of NodeJS popularity. They differ in complexicity, available features or architectural patterns and it’s often really hard to decide which one to use. There’s of course the most popular and universal Express, but it requires time to configure, define project structure, choose […]

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Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash | React.js and Vue.js

React.js and Vue.js – JavaScript libraries comparison

There is this popular Polish meme with monkey acting like stereotypical man in his 50s. His name is Janusz, his car is 1.9 TDI version of well-known B5, he is proud of his mustache. He always says “it used to be [better]”. That adage is also true in JavaScript development. Back in 2006 jQuery was […]

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